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Your Fleet is an Asset. Maximize the Value.

Having a commercial fleet is a substantial asset. Optimizing your fleet using data will improve the bottom line. Identifying underutilized vehicles to repurpose for revenue generation and manage fleet size. Optimize routes to maximize utilization capacity and get the most out of every asset.


Zero-Use Vehicles

You may have noticed a lot of vehicles that seem to be sitting around the lot. We identify these assets so you can put them to work. At minimum, just one unused vehicle is costing you $2K annually on insurance alone.


Maximize Fleet Capacity

Optimize routes to create excess fleet capacity and use excess capacity for revenue generating activities.


Multi-Platform Support

We partner with all major device providers.

Team of Experts

Executing on a fleet analytics initiative can require a business analysts, developers, and project managers. Outsource to our US based teams to save time and money.

Improve Project Execution Timelines

Starting with a team of experts gets you moving fast. Our developers extract information from your device provider and begin hosting actionable data within 30 days. Whether your prefer your output in Excel, Tableau, PowerBI, SQL Server, Oracle, AWS, or any other format - we can deliver.

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